If you are a child of the 1980s you’ll know that spandex, glitter and synth-pop is quite a heady mix. Rumours is the miniscule nightclub that brings the eighties vividly back to life. Mullets, Cyndi Lauper and hairspray – at Rumours it’s as if the nineties never happened!

The truth about Rumours is that it is a portable 1980s-themed club that comes to you! As if that wasn’t crazy enough, Rumours holds the Guinness World Record for smallest nightclub! It’s a miniature discotheque where you can get hair perms with some free lacquer thrown in, sup cocktails and boogie to Irene Carr. It’s a place where the outward hedonism of the New Romantic era is encouraged and the dresscode says “wear a smile!”

Armand Van Helden described Rumours as “very cool” while Radio One’s Annie Mac said she was never the same after being holed up in the tiny time capsule. You too could experience Rumours at your wedding or hen party. Why not go all the way and get your own personal piece of the 1980s with Rumours?