About Us

Wedding Jam offers the very best DJs and live acts to help you create your perfect wedding. After years spinning records in the coolest clubs and the best bars, our DJs started playing at select weddings. At first it was just for friends, then the word spread about our savvy group of disc jockeys who put music first.

Between the Wedding Jam DJs and musicians we have played at weddings all over the country, but we’ve also appeared at some of Europe’s best clubs and festivals. This doesn’t mean that we’ll be turning your wedding into rave (unless you want us to!) but it does mean that we have a deeper understanding of what makes people dance and the art of DJing.

A new approach to wedding music

While your average disc jockey simply plays the top 40 sprinkled with a few classics, we take a slightly different approach. We talk to you about your favourite music; after all it’s your big day. Our friendly and knowledgeable DJs then find out a little about your guests before packing records, CDs and laptops full of the most wonderful sounds around. Old, new, borrowed, blues – between the boys and girls of Wedding Jam we have just about any genre to appeal to any generation.

Not just wedding DJs – we have live music too

A good DJ can get feet tapping and hands clapping, but nothing beats the magic of a live band. Wedding Jam can hook you up with talented musicians to breathe life into the music and make the occasion that little bit more special. Trawling the ‘net for the right band can be a laborious task, with your big day approaching it’s a stress you could do without. You may wish to welcome your guests with a string quartet or get them grooving to big party anthems; whatever the occasion we’ve got the right live act for you.

Your taste, your memories, your music

Maybe music is what brought you and your partner together? Perhaps your love blossomed at a concert or a club? If you want the music to reflect your personality then we specialise in expertly weaving together themed soundtracks to weddings. Recently we’ve done receptions with themes as diverse as Hacienda classics, northern soul, jazz and even a night of ‘Madchester’ anthems. Whatever kind of atmosphere you want to create, Wedding Jam put you and your music first.